Hire a Private Car Driver for a Day in London

Despite being a great world city, London is far more than just the capital of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. London has a mix of both old and new demographics. It is a home to plethora of landmarks out of which some of the signature sights include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, and Westminster Abbey. Moreover, a number of modern attractions in London, such as the London Eye, The Tate Modern, and the multi-purpose London Stadium adds a vibrant beauty to this city to attract more young visitors and tourists.

Enjoy a Luxurious Day in London with a Private Car Driver

Generations of about millennia have been settled in the city of London that’s situated on the banks of the river Thames in south-east England, London has been a major settlement for about two millennia. Thus, its population comprises a diverse range of people and cultures and took it centuries to make it a truly global metropolis. London is a hub of Europe’s largest multinational corporations which makes it a cosmopolitan city.

Apart from being a great tourist destination and cosmopolitan city, London is quite a bustling and a vibrant city. And hence to travel around the entire London city, hiring a private driver is very common among the public even though the city has good public transport facilities.

Why Should We Hire A Private Driver In London?

While travelling to London, it is recommended to hire a private driver as it would give more flexibility in doing things at our own pace whether it is a business trip or a personal vacation. It is not only the safest choice one can ever make but timesaving as well.

There are several other reasons too that encourage a person to better opt for private drivers while travelling to London. Let’s take a look at some of these beneficial reasons.

  • Hiring a private driver is an excellent alternative to hiring a taxi in London especially when it’s not an itinerary but just a random exploration to various regions.
  • Hiring a private driver in London is the most reliable choice one can ever make especially for tourists and business trips where everything needs to be managed within a set time constraints.
  • Many of the firms that offer the facility of private drivers lend a portable meter to the customer/passenger to keep a better track of the mileage and journey travelled personally. It is usually more expensive than a regular taxi but is worth every penny when it comes to peace of mind.
  • Many of the firms that offer private drivers have various packages that include charges on a per-day basis, half-day basis, and an hourly basis that helps in the reduction of the service cost especially when a person is travelling in a group.
  • It is a good choice to plan ahead by hiring a private driver so that the travel becomes easier and enjoyable as the person doesn’t need to spend a long time waiting for a regular taxi or other means of public transport.
  • Flexibility and comfort matter the most when travelling on any vacation or a business trip because none can work or enjoy after an exhausting journey. Therefore, hiring a private driver becomes quintessential in such scenarios of life.
  • The amount spent on regular taxis or public transport to visit more than two or three places within London would be approximately the same as the charges of any private driver. So it is beneficial to hire a private driver to visit different locations in London as per one’s own needs and requirements.

What’s The Chargeable Fee For Private Driver Service In London?

The price for the rental of a car with a private driver in London depends on the itinerary. The price is usually calculated as per the covered journey distance. The cost is calculated by an hourly rate, by a half-day rate, or by a full-day rate. Generally, the estimated price for any private driver service in London ranges from 30 Pounds per hour to 260 Pounds per 8 hours for standard-class cars.

The different models of cars have different estimated prices depending on the level of comfort provided. Standard Class models are equipped with basic features such as air conditioning, music systems, ordinary seats, etc. While the Business or Executive VIP Class Cars are equipped with the best comfort features such as leather-upholstered heated seats, dual-zone climate control, built-in premium audio system, more effective noise isolation, softer suspension, etc. Business-class cars with drivers are undoubtedly more expensive to book.

To know more about the detailed charges of private driver hiring in London based on different models of cars, let’s have a look at the below table: 

Car (Max. 1-3 Persons) Airport Transfer 4 hours of service 8 hours of transfer Transfer from loc. A to loc. B Multi-day service
Standard Car Depends on the airport Starting from 150 Pounds Starting from 260 pounds Starting from 1.6 Pounds/mile % Discount
Business Car Depends on the airport Starting from 160 Pounds Starting from 280 Pounds Starting from 1.7 Pounds/mile % Discount
Minivan (Max. 4-7 Persons) Airport Transfer 4 hours of service 8 hours of transfer Transfer from loc. A to loc. B Multi-day service
Standard Minivan Depends on the airport Starting from 175 Pounds Starting from 300 Pounds Starting from 1.8 Pounds/mile % Discount
Business Minivan Depends on the airport Starting from 195 Pounds Starting from 320 Pounds Starting from 1.9 Pounds/mile % Discount

How Do They Hire A Private Car For A Day In London?

Usually, people in London prefer public transport facilities to travel from one place to another but to avoid a hectic journey many of them hire a private car for a day in London. This is not only time-saving for them but even beneficial for them in many ways.

Let’s take a look at how to hire a private car for a day in London.

  • About 25% of the users find a car in London for either £32 Pounds or less.
  • It’s always advisable to book the private car hire in London at least one (1) day before the trip to get a below-average price.
  • Off-airport car hire locations in London are around 65% more expensive than airport locations on average. So, it is better to look out for those private car hires who are offering special discounts to these locations.
  • Mini car hires in London are around 70% cheaper than other car types. Therefore these can be best for average-income salaried people and common people both equally who are looking out for some affordable private car hires.

Hiring a private driver in London is surely a luxury feeling instilling a great ecstasy among travelers. Beside this, it even gives us the freedom from all the cumbersome and trivial issues of handling one’s own car. What’s the best way to enjoy the glorious London view in a privately hired car and driver? Whatever direction the London Road takes, car rentals with private drivers look forward to making a significant contribution to a memorable and exciting journey.