6 Vital Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Limousine Service in Heathrow

As more and more travellers have started hiring limos, there are many car hire service providers in Heathrow today. For travellers, hiring a Heathrow limo service enables them to enjoy comfort and luxury. However, with so many companies offering limo services, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose one that provides the best services. It is important to choose a limo service company carefully to ensure that you have a comfortable and safe ride to your desired destination. Though it is a challenging task, asking a few questions will help you shortlist a few providers and then choose one that fits your needs.

#1: How much does it cost me to hire a limo from you?

Price is an important factor to consider when hiring a limo service company for your travel needs. You should find out whether they charge on an hourly or daily basis and what their rates are. The rates quoted by companies that provide limos in Heathrow vary depending on many factors. When enquiring about the hourly and daily rates, it is important to ask for an all-inclusive rate, including taxes and surcharges that are applicable. This will help you to avoid surprises at the end of each of your rides.

#2: Do you offer different types of limos?

When hiring a limousine service at London Heathrow airport, your choice of vehicle depends on the occasion and your requirements in terms of seating capacity. Luxury executive sedans can accommodate four people and are often used for business purposes. The timeless vehicle, the classic stretch limo, is the best choice for a variety of functions and events. As many as 10 to 20 people can travel comfortably in it. If you are travelling as a group, you can consider hiring a luxury passenger van, which can accommodate up to 11 people and their luggage. Bigger vehicles that can accommodate as many as 55 passengers are also available. Therefore, it is always best to choose a Heathrow limousine service that has a large fleet and offers a wide range of vehicles.

#3: Are your chauffeurs professionally trained and licenced?

Before choosing a limo service company in Heathrow, you must make it a point to ask whether their chauffeurs are professionally trained and licensed. This is because the quality of your ride in a limo is dependent on the person driving your vehicle. Professionally trained drivers ensure that their passengers are safe and that the ride is free of any kind of hassles. While it is important to choose a limo company that promises to provide you with well-trained chauffeurs, it is also essential to check whether they have been subjected to drug testing, have a decent driving record, and are vaccinated against COVID-19 for your safety. Professional chauffeurs focus on driving and do not interfere in your private matters.

#4: Do You Offer Package Options for Various Events?

This is another important question to ask your Heathrow limo service provider. You need to find out if they offer different packages for different events such as weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s, concerts, and occasional games. The package offers are often more cost-effective, and you will be able to accommodate all your requirements. Therefore, the limo service company that provides you with the best price should be your choice.

#5: Is your limo service insured?

This is yet another important question to ask when evaluating limo service companies in Heathrow. A reliable and trustworthy limo service provider will comply with all laws and cover their customers with an insurance policy to cover any loss or damage caused to property or life. Besides, you should ensure that the limo company has a valid permit to offer services.

#6: What is your cancellation policy?

Finally, be clear as to how much you are liable to pay if you have to cancel your booking because of a change in your plan to hire a limo to Heathrow or from the airport.

When choosing a limo service provider in Heathrow, it is always best to identify a few companies and then hire the one that best caters to your needs. Besides, you should focus more on the services they offer and not on the rates.